Thursday, July 30, 2009


Growing up I was a string bean! Enter 8th grade and the pounds started creeping on. I am a self-conscious emotional wreck from then on till 10th grade. I joined the track team- before this, I played volleyball and basketball. From 10th grade till I got pregnant I was fit and could workout for ages; but my relationship with food was AWFUL- to put it lightly. Then I got pregnant and packed on some pounds. Before getting pregnant I was around 135-140 and at 5'8 that wasn't all that bad. At the check-in on D-Day I was 186!! Holy Cow!  I was nursing and by my 6 week check up I was already down to 150- by the time he was 8 months old, I was still nursing and hardcore running and was down to 135-140. My relationship with food has never been great, and still was not great at this time. I love food and it should. Sure I was fit, but my body was not showing the effort I was putting into it because of the food. In March of 2008 I joined Spark People in hopes of really gaining control on the food scene. Between March 13,2008 and

July 1,2008 I went from 156-125 and was on top of the world. Or so I thought. Emotional I was a rollercoaster. I was thrilled to finally see the definition in my abs, arms and legs and I was a bitch because I couldn't eat anything. So, here I am today at 140 and desperately trying to find a happen medium. I want to see the definition without feeling so disgusting about the way I look. My self- image is damage and in need of a huge repair!